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Lack of Focus

An editorial in yesterday’s Tampa Bay Times, discussed the lack of focus within the Occupy movement.  The author, John Romano, described the problem as follows –

They have lots of ideas, but no direction.  Plenty of concepts, but few plans.

The same can often be said of many OH&S management system implementation projects.


This editorial goes on to discuss a New Year’s Eve gathering at the Occupy Tampa location –

They discussed how to greet the new year.  They discussed if a toast was appropriate and what the toast should be.  And who should offer it.

Eventually someone began a countdown.

They had eight seconds to spare.


This reminded me of how some organizations approach OHSAS 18001 certification.

Lots of meetings and conference calls.  Lots of discussion of what should be done – particularly by someone else.

Little “rolling up the sleeves” for taking concrete action. More importantly, little completion – until the countdown for registration starts and there are “eight seconds to spare.”

As with the Occupy movement, too many ideas by too many players and too much accommodation of every perspective leads to a scattered and disjointed approach to an OHSMS. 

At some point, decisions and focus and action are needed. 

In the end, it is better to be done than it is to be perfect. 

After all, there is always next year.

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Strategy vs. Implementation – Which is Important?

I have been working for over a year with a project team developing a strategy for improving a management system process that is of great importance to that organization.  It was a major effort that culminated in a presentation to the executive management team.

They loved it.

That should be great – right?

Well… The problem with an “approved strategy” is that now someone has to implement it.

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