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Control of Documented Information

In a previous blog, I discussed the new High Level Structure and identical text requirements that has been proposed for all ISO management system standards.  One of the proposed changes is to eliminate the document control and record control elements and replace them with a new provision requiring control of “documented information”.  Documented information is somewhat vaguely defined in this new scheme as “the information required to be controlled and maintained by an organization”.

Although this may be seen as progressive by those who developed this new management system structure, it is likely to create confusion on the part of users of the standards who are not information management experts.

There are important reasons for distinguishing between the documents that  need to be controlled in a management system and record retention requirements.  Even though both document control and record control are control of documented information, their purpose and use is very different.

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Out with the Old – In with the New

The start of the New Year is good time to pause, reflect and clean out.

Many organizations use the start of the year as a time to review their OH&S management system objectives and set new ones.  If their OH&S programs are lagging in their implementation, new approaches or new assignments are considered. 

This is also a good time to address all that PAPER – either physical paper or electronic paper.  This includes all those completed hazard evaluation forms, inspection checklists, excel spreadsheets, meeting notices and minutes, e-mails with various interested parties, incident investigations, corrective action reports,….

When I help develop record control processes and procedures for an organization, one of the concepts I try to incorporate is the inclusion of record schedules with record breaks and scheduled clean-out days. 

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“Data Sprawl” – Not Just an IT Problem

An article in the 6/30/2008 issue of CRN Magazine reported on the problem of “sprawl proliferation” associated with the use of virtualization in IT datacenters. Because virtual machines are easy to deploy, they don’t get the same scrutiny as the purchase of physical machines. The result – virtual machines that are not doing any meaningful work and thousands of dollars of assets locked away in computer redundancy.

“Data sprawl” is also a significant concern for OH&S management systems.

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