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Safety Matters?

A blog on the website The Hill caught my eye this morning.  It is entitled “More than 70 percent of Congressional offices violate OSHA worker safety standards.”  This is an alarming finding.

What was even more disturbing is that the blog went on to say that this result – 70% of office areas in violation of OSHA standards – was seen as an improvement because the number of violations found during previous inspections was even higher. 


Having piqued my interest, I headed over to the website for the Office of Compliance to take a look at the report myself. 

What I found was the Biennial Report on Occupational Safety and Health Inspections dated June 2009. 

There are some interesting things in this report –

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What are you going to STOP doing?

Many OHS management systems and programs have a major problem – they are bloated with paperwork, inefficient in their operation and filled with busywork.  These programs are often focused on the achievement of arbitrary metrics rather than improved OH&S performance. As a result, the managers of these programs are often fed-up, burned out and overwhelmed.  They are also increasingly being told – “Given the current economy, you need to do more with less.”

That is the wrong message and the wrong goal. 

To quote Peter Drucker – “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently what should not be done at all.” 

The goal should not be to do more with less – it should be to do less.

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