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Who Decides?

Decision-making is an important part of a management system.  In particular, making decisions that appropriately take into account the interests of stakeholders is emphasized in all management systems, including OHSAS 18001.

For a quality management system, the ultimate stakeholder is the customer.  The primary focus of a QMS is customer satisfaction.  After all, without satisfied customers, there is no business.

For an environmental management system, society-at-large is the stakeholder with laws and regulations establishing societal standards for what is considered adequate pollution prevention.  Legal compliance is a required commitment within the organization’s environmental policy and a key focus of an EMS.

In both a QMS and EMS, there are independent stakeholders outside the organization that serve to counterbalance the internal interests of the organization.

For an OHSMS the situation is different.  The primary stakeholders – workers who may suffer injury or ill health – are internal to the organization.

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