OHSMS Training

ENLAR offers a variety of training options to assist organizations with the implementation of environmental and occupational health and safety management systems.  This includes both computer-based courses and in-person training.  ENLAR specializes in providing innovative courses that offer a blend of self-paced training, computer-based learning exercises and live interaction with the course instructor.

These courses include –

Introduction to OHSAS 18001

This course provides a basic understanding of OHSAS 18001. It provides insight into interpreting the OHSAS 18001 requirements as well as expert guidance for implementing an occupational health and safety management system for purposes of third-party certification.

This course is set up as a series of six web-based learning modules with audio presentations and handouts.  In addition to these lessons, participants will also receive access for one year to a “members-only” website that provides links to additional resources PLUS access to a Q&A page for asking the instructor questions about the OHSAS 18001 standard.

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Fundamentals of EHSMS Auditing

This course is focused on developing the auditor knowledge and skills necessary to perform effective EHSMS audits that will provide real business value. This course includes both introductory materials – useful for individuals who are new to auditing – as well as information about advanced auditing techniques that will benefit those who already have auditing experience.  

In addition to the five web-based training modules, this course also includes live Q&A webinars where participants can ask the instructor questions about EHS auditing techniques.  The instructor for this course, Thea Dunmire, has over 25 years of EHS auditing experience and is a recognized expert in management system auditing.

Individuals who successfully complete this class will receive a certificate of completion they can use for demonstrating auditor competence.

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Plan-Do-Check-Act:  An Introduction to PDCA

This FREE mini-course provides answers to the following questions –

  • What is a Management System?
  • What is PDCA and what does it mean?
  • Why is PDCA important?
  • How can I determine if an OHSMS standard is based on PDCA?

To access this course simply click here.  (Note – You may need to modify your browser settings to allow pop-ups in order to access this course.)

Custom Courses

In addition to the courses listed about, ENLAR can create custom web-based and in-person training tailored to your specific needs.

Examples of the types of training programs ENLAR has created for different organizations –

  • Ethics course for developed for NASA that included a combination of webinars, web-based quizzes and in-person facilitated discussion.
  • EHS Compliance training for an electrical component manufacturing company to assist participants in identifying and understanding their environmental and OH&S legal obligations and other requirements.
  • EHS auditor training for the members of the corporate audit team for an aerospace company focused on developing audit protocols and writing audit findings.
  • EHS implementation and auditor training for a medical device manufacturer for individuals from facilities around the world to promote consistency in the internal audit program.
  • Blended learning EHS auditor training for a biotech facility to provide web-based training to individuals on multiple shifts and a facilitated on-site internal audit to allow individuals to demonstrate their audit skills while performing a real audit.
  • Document and record management course for a professional association focused on understanding how to establish document and record control processes for EHS documentation.

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If you would like to discuss a specific training request – please send me an e-mail at ecsi2008@enlar.com.