Metrics Manipulation

| July 1, 2014

The current news articles about the concerns raised about metrics manipulation associated with the VA Electronic Wait List reminded me of the similar concerns that have been raised about metrics manipulation related to the reporting of workplace injuries and illnesses.

One of the recurring problems with metrics is attempts to “game the system.”

Interested in finding out more?

Check out the latest issue of my Ethics in Focus newsletter – Metrics Manipulation.

This newsletter is a part of a new web-based course that ENLAR is offering in partnership with AIHA – Ethics for the OH&S Professional.  This interactive course meets the CEU training requirements set by ABIH for CIH’s to maintain their certification.

(NOTE – This edition of the newsletter also contains links to the GAO reports on the disincentives for reporting workplace injuries and the OSHA guidance on the use of safety incentive programs.  As set out in the OSHA guidance, “Reporting a work-related injury or illness is a core employee right, and retaliating against a worker for reporting an injury or illness is illegal….”)

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