Integrated Management Systems – R2 Practices

| February 23, 2012


It is clear that integrated management systems represent the future.

This is evident from directives coming from the ISO Technical Management Board (TMB) that require the ISO technical committees to use a standardized structure and definitions for all ISO management system standards.  (Click here to read more about this MSS initiative.)

It is also evident in non-ISO management system standards – such as the Responsible Recycling (R2) Practices standard. 

The R2 Practices is a certification standard developed to help address the improper handling of electronics waste (E-waste).  This “E-Waste Problem” being the health and environmental impacts that result from the improper handling of E-waste – particularly in developing countries.  The R2 Practices standard is made up of 13 Practices that include quality, environmental and OH&S management system requirements – as well as mandatory supply chain management and a demonstration of financial responsibility.

Next Monday, February 27, 2012, I am giving a presentation about this standard at the ISO 9000 Conference in Orlando Florida.  My presentation is entitled Responsible Recycling:  Using Integrated Management Systems for Handling Electronics Waste.  This presentation is part of a conference track entitled Making Integrated Management Systems Work.

In order to provide additional information to conference attendees (there being only so much one can include in a 35 minute presentation), I have launched a new website.  This website focuses specifically on understanding the R2 Practices and implementing the management system processes necessary in order to become certified. 

Interested in how to use a management system to improve management of electronics waste?

Go to to learn more.

p.s. – My presentation isn’t just for “recyclers.”  It outlines five steps that any organization can take to better manage its used electronics.

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