Launching an OHSMS

| July 26, 2011

Last Monday, I watched as Atlantis lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center.  Living in Florida, I heard the sonic boom as it returned early Thursday morning.  I watched on TV as it landed for the last time.

I am saddened by the end of shuttle program and the associated loss of jobs.  Some of those impacted are fellow safety and health professionals. They are friends of mine who have participated in my training programs and helped me by providing references when I have asked.

As I watched the launch, I was struck by the discipline imposed by the formalized processes NASA uses to ensure safety.  The launch was momentarily paused – with only 31 seconds to go – to double check that the GOX Vent Arm had properly retracted and latched.  This was confirmed visually using a closed circuit camera while those watching the launch waited in suspense. 

This is what an occupational health and safety management system is all about.  It is putting processes in place, and using them, to ensure safety.  Many organizations write procedures and checklists.  World-class organizations use them – even when the whole world is watching.

Want help in launching your own management system?  Click here to go the webpage where you can request your copy of ENLAR’s EHSMS Implementation Checklist. 

As a special tribute to the NASA Shuttle Program, I am making it available for FREE for the next month. 

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