Strategy vs. Implementation – Which is Important?

| January 26, 2010

I have been working for over a year with a project team developing a strategy for improving a management system process that is of great importance to that organization.  It was a major effort that culminated in a presentation to the executive management team.

They loved it.

That should be great – right?

Well… The problem with an “approved strategy” is that now someone has to implement it.

This is a common issue that arises when an organization establishes an occupational safety and health management system.  The company tasks a team that sets up the framework for the OHSMS, someone writes up the procedures to match the conceptual framework and objectives are established for the various improvement initiatives that have been envisioned.

Then comes implementation – “doing what you say you are going to do.”  This is often the hard part.

For success – you need BOTH strategy and implementation.  

  • If you have strategy without implementation, you may have great plans but the organization will get no benefits from the strategic planning (the “dusty manuals” syndrome).
  • If you have implementation without strategy, you will have action but are likely to miss the mark and end up doing the wrong things well (the “ready, fire, aim” syndrome).

For a good discussion of the important of getting it right and doing it right – check out the following blog post – Strategy IS Execution.

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